Print Design

Standardise your prints

Content and designs of a company builds and influences opinions of the company. Ourea helps you create innovative designs for your audience to understand your story. We help you create creative magazines, brochures, calendars, catalogues, etc for people to find information of their interest right at your platform increasing your brand awareness and trust towards your business. 

Business collaterals

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Business collaterals are your tools outside your office. It represents your business and hence the stand of the same matters a lot.  Corporate Business Collateral refers to the collection of tangible content, media and devices promoting your brand. It’s proof that your business exists and represents your brand’s values. Business stationery items come under these collaterals and will provide your brand with high visibility. Ourea helps you create professional and standard designs to maintain your reputation with your clients. 

Marketing collaterals

Marketing collateral refers to a collection of different media types, which is used to help improve the sales of a product or service. The collaterals  can be a brochure, catalogue, flyer or  presentation slide.

Brochures/ e-brochure

Brochures are informative documents about your business. Your clients can know everything they need to know about your services or products. In the modern world, we create e-brochures for your customers' ease.


Innovative and creative flyers can get more attention. These informative distributors catch an eye for the designs. Ourea creates such flyers to give out the best.


Catalogues are lists of products or services that your firm offers. Unique designs and ways of presenting these can influence decisions of the clients.


A good and creatively designed pamphlet can spread a lot of relevant information. Ourea designs innovative pamphlets to get the right attention.

Online collaterals

What’s App Presentation

There isn’t one professional who isn’t a part of the What’s App community hence it can be a huge help to be able to share your services in a way that creates an impact on the viewer. Share your company’s profile in the most standard and handy way as a What’s App presentation.


Create innovative carousels for long information. Organizing these information can be slightly difficult but we are right here to help you with, to give out the best possible art.

Video designs

Visual aids have a proven result when it comes to memory. We help you create impactful video designs to make you unforgettable.

Offline collaterals

Collaterals hold your company’s reputation outside your buyer business. We build your collaterals to keep up your standards and increase your buyer’s satisfaction. Every collateral that helps your company to grow awareness can help you highlight your services and qualities. The collaterals reflect your identity and hence we create wonders defining you.